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Come one, come all! This is a new Harry Potter Roleplaying community, for all you HP enthusiasts out there.

The time is 1 year before Harrys birth, 2 years before Voldemorts downfall. The wizzarding world is in chaos, half of the wizards revealing themselves as Death Eaters, the other half too scared to do anything. There is hope however. There are a small band of wizards and witches who are willing to try and stop Voldemort, headed by Albus Dumbledore. Hogwarts is still running, though classes are regurly dispruted by Auror searches of the castle, much to Dumbledores annoyance. The main focus of classes is defence against the Dark Arts, though some feel the Dark Arts themselves should be taught to the students. Dumbledore is trying to keep the school unaffected by whats happening, but its hard when students parents are dying, and their world is in chaos.

The muggle world is in slight turmoil, though they have yet to spot a connection between all the random acts of violence happening across the globe, putting it down to "bad luck" or "bad karma". Muggle Authorities have been told by the Ministry whats happening, but they refuse to realise Voldemorts full potential danger.

As the focus of this game is the Order, no students will be accepted. We are accepting original characters, but OCs will not be allowed in the Order. There are several characters from the canon that are just a name, so you can feel free to be creative with their lives and personalities while still playing a canon character. Our current most needed/wanted characters: Peter Pettigrew (urgently!!), Alastor Moody, Frank Longbottom, Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Milicent Bagnold (Minister of Magic), Junior Barty Crouch, and many more.
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